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Twenty Song Mashup


4:4 Key:C

[C]Now then mardy [G]bum, I see your frown [Am]and it's like looking down the [F]barrel of a gun

And it [G]oes [C]off, and out come all these [G]words...

oh there [Am]very pleasant side to you, a [F]side I much prefer

[C]If I could, [G]then lwould [Am]I'll go where[F]ever you will [C]

Way up high, [G]or down low, [Am]l'll go wherever...[F]

I came in like a [C]wrecking ball [G], I never, hit so [Am]hard in love [F]

So you can [C]keep me, [G]Inside the pocket of your [Am]ripped jeans [F]

With or without [C]you [G], with or [Am]without you [F]

[C]Come up to meet [G]you, Tell you I'm [Am]sorry, You don't know how [F]lovely...

If lwere a boy [C], [G][Am]l think lcould... [F]

[C]I'm starting with the [G]man in the mirror, [Am]l'm asking him to change... [F]

who do you think you [C]are? Runnin' 'round leaving [G]scars, Collecting your jar of hearts [Am][F]

whenever I [C]fall.... [G]at... your, [Am]feet... [F]

You let your [C]tears... [G]rain down on [Am]me [F]

[C]l'm all out of [F]aith, [G]this is how I feel [Am]I'm cold and I am [F]shamed

[C]look for the girl with the [G]broken smile [Am]Ask her if she wants to [F]stay awhile

And she will [C]be loved [G]and she will [Am]be loved [F]

[C]can.... you [F]eel [G]the love [Am]tonight [F]

It's not about the [C]money money money, We don't need your [G]money money money,

We just wanna make the [Am] world dance, Forget about the [F]price tag

[C]this is the way you left me, [G]l'm not pretending [Am]No hope, no love, no glory [F]No happy ending

[C]When you call my [G]name it's like a little prayer [Am], I'm down on my knees, [F]lwanna take you ...

[C]Take [G]on [Am]me.... [F][C]Take [G]me [Am]on... [F]

[C]Never mind I'll [G]find someone like [Am]you [F]I wish nothing [C]but the best [G] for you [Am][F]

[C]You're beautiful [G]You're beautiful [Am]You're beautiful its true [F]

(STRUM ONCE - Slower tempo [F]or last verse)
Take me home [C], country roads [G]back to sheffield [Am]where I belong [C]

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left handed